Tupe Solomon-Tanoa'i

True Leadership Diversity + Inclusion

Winner of the 2020 NZ Women of Influence award for Diversity, Tupe began her career as a diplomat, the only non-pakeha in her diplomatic cohort. Having held senior leadership positions across the public service - at times being mistaken for a housekeeper or a junior partner due to her age, gender and ethnicity - she is now a powerful

advocate for inclusion and diversity in the workplace, championing a shift in how we recognise and reward different ways of operating. Tupe challenges accepted notions of what leadership ‘should’ look like and encourages workplaces to expand their definitions and understanding to embrace skills from different backgrounds - such as the humility, service and consensus based decision making common to her own Samoan / Fijian background. Her work is of high value internationally as businesses and organisations increasingly grapple with the complexities of truly inclusive work environments in diverse cultures.

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Tupe Solomon-Tanoa'i