Michael Kay



"I went to the corner of Pipitea, Miramar, where movie stars are made into hobbits. I left early, and I was late. I met a magnificent soul who endured my plea to get my message into the interwebs. I hope that message would fade from being mine and entwine into the real world reality that low-tek is the most abundant and untapped universe of opportunity for sustainability.

This could never have happened, had it not been for the incredible “YES” that turned my hope into “Our Journey” that not once did this incredible team of people Fail- To- Turn an endless “NO” into “ON”.

You all gave me an enormous insight into the courage I hope is in humanity, that it will take to bring about a world that is more based on nature, love, kindness, selflessness and co-operation to overcome the torrid headwinds of what anxiety and hard times can be.

This was mission impossible and yet the organisers defied gravity for us and fly we have.

I think though I may have turned into a hobbit.

Love to all of you. Thank you all for being your amazing you."

Regenerative Farming: Systems Thinking for Sustainability

Michael is one of a growing number of agricultural innovators in Aotearoa seeking a more symbiotic, sustainable relationship with the land. Instead of utilising chemical industrial solutions for land management and animal production, he employs methodology that actively regenerates depleted soil, increases microbial diversity for better plant and stock health, results in cleaner water ways, and creates a future for farming in Aotearoa that is built around resilience - of both the land and its people. He’s passionate about sharing his practices, and proving their profitability as a radical alternative to mainstream practices.

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