Antoinette Ratcliffe



"When I first submitted my application, I had no idea that one of the best things to come from being a TEDx Speaker would be working with such an inspiring team who, despite all the challenges that the pandemic threw at us, created a supportive and encouraging environment to launch TEDxPipitea 2021. 

Being part of this wonderful community has given me the confidence to start bigger (and scarier) projects, and I know that if I need to, I can reach out to any one of them for advice or help, or just to pick their brains over a glass of wine anytime, and I am so grateful for that."

Ethical Taxidermy

With sixteen years of veterinary nursing under her belt, animal lover, artist and taxidermist Antoinette Ratcliffe knows pretty much all there is to know about all creatures great and small. And while her previous professional practice was given to the prolonging and preserving of life, her current practice involves the rare and intricate art of preserving the dead. Antoinette provides us with a window into her world of creative curios, exploring how the ethical taxidermy movement has gained momentum and explaining what ethical specimen collection means within a uniquely New Zealand context.

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"Antoinette’s taxidermy installations and photographs provide eye candy for the deceased and curios for the living" - The Sick Bay

Antoinette Ratcliffe Portrait