Francesca Bonventre



"I feel very privileged to have been included in the TEDxPipitea journey in Wellington last year, considering the unique location where I live and that I had the opportunity to speak for...the Chatham Islands!

Even more special  was to mix with vibrant souls from all walks of life and representative of some of all the different ethnicities that live together in our beautiful country.

I had a chance to share a bit of my personal story, through my Chatham Islands- Italian bees and emerge myself in everyone else's story.

Without the determination and enthusiasm of the organising team, this could never have happened.

COVID hasn't stopped us. It has joined us together instead in a way that we will never forget."

Building the Chatham Islands Bee Sanctuary

From their home hidden away on New Zealand’s Chatham Islands, Francesca and her partner Kaai are leading a quiet revolution in sustainable ecology and human survival, through innovating one of New Zealand’s most well known exports - honey. Their unique, freeze-dried honey is unlike anything else on earth, flavoured by the nectar of endemic flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. To produce it they work with one of the healthiest bee populations on the planet. Their vision is for the Chatham Islands to become a prototype of what is possible, through increasing local capability to produce healthy queens and colonies for sustainable export, and regenerating bee populations in Aotearoa and around the world.

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Francesca Bonventre