Crystal Mischief



"When the world was sheltering in place the TEDxPipitea “organisers” were giving covid a wink and a smile while they pivoted to create a truly magical safe experience online. It was truly a joy to be a part of TEDxPipitea who called sponsors and arranged studios and videography teams like they have some kind of teleporting resourcing machine. It’s the sort of magic that only happens in New Zealand. 

If you are thinking about applying for TEDx – stop procrastinating and just bloody do it. There is a well thought out coaching programme that will get you ready for the red stage. The coaches have the biggest hearts and truly give so much, they gently nudge you in the direction that pops on stage

If you are thinking about sponsoring TEDx – you might be out of luck; sponsorship spaces might be filled, but you never know unless you ask. If your organisation has a strong research and development ethos then it makes sense to align your brand with TEDxPipitea, after all this is the leading edge of disruption and, or innovation.

I’ve grown and changed so much since TEDxPipitea. I’ve been on different stages around the world but working with a NZ professional crew was just delicious. The TEDx effect has started already with invitations to be the featured international performer at festivals, invitations to judge competitions and podcast invitations. TEDxPipitea reminded me to believe in myself more. From my heart to yours thank you TEDxPipitea teams for your guidance and support."

Burlesque As A Healing Modality

Burlesque has a long, glittering history as a visually powerful performance art but can it also be harnessed as a powerful tool for self discovery and wellness? International burlesque performer and teacher, Crystal Mischief, believes so and is here to step-ball-change us through the evidence. A student of Neuroscience at VUW and a Master NLP Practioner, Crystal brings a biological and psychological lens to their work, guiding students through their own journeys of empowerment, wellness and body positivity. “People come to me thinking they’re getting a dance class, and through the potency and power of burlesque discover who they were always meant to be.”

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